Property in Bulgaria currently offers excellent value for money and is the fastest growing asset in the country -a country blessed with some of the most spectacular landscapes and people, both, welcoming and open minded. 

Bulgaria is a member of NATO and the EU

The weather in Bulgaria is comparable to Spain and other top holiday destinations, but at the same time property prices are much cheaper,compared to those in Spain. There are over 150 days of sunshine a year, with average summer temperatures of 26C (79F) ,occasionally climbing to the sizzling 38C (95F).

There is something for everyone - beautiful Blue flag beaches for the summer holidaymakers and top ski resorts for winter holidaymakers only a few hours away ,stunning country scenery and green cool forests.

There are regular budget flights from the major European capitals. 

Bulgaria is the fastest growing holiday destination in the world. Major tour operators such as TUI ,Thomson and First Choice have recently added Bulgaria to their brochures and it is one of their top sellers.

The cost of living is significantly lower than other European countries, with a dinner for two costing about 20 Euros (15 pounds sterling) and a pint for 0.70 Euros (50p).

The currency -Bulgarian Lev is fixed to the Euro and is very stable.The most property can be bought and sold in Euros.

Located in the eastern part of the Balkan peninsular, being a crossroad between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria attracts homeseekers from all over the world with its low costs, friendly resorts, historical towns and monasteries and of course the hidden charm of the country - the Black sea coast, which stretches 370 km form North to South and offers  fabulous beaches with golden sand.
The nortern border of Bulgaria is Romania ,western- Serbia and Macedonia.On the south-east the neighbouring coutries are Turkey and Greece. The east border of Bulgaria is the beautiful Black Sea. The total length of the Bulgarian border-line is 2245 km, 1181 of which are land frontier, 686 km river and 378 km sea-frontier.

The Territory of Bulgaria is 111 000 square kilometres. Being a small country is sometimes a great privilege. A few hours drive can take you from the snow covered mountain ranges of Pirin and Rila to the sunny Black sea coast.

Population: 8 000 000 (according to the census taken in 2000)

Religion: Orthodox Christianity

Climate:The climate in Bulgaria is moderate continental with four seasons and average annual temperature of 10.5 degrees centigrade. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 0 degrees centigrade. The average air temperature in the summer is more than 30 degrees c. and the average water temperature - 25 degrees c.

Traditions:The Bulgarians are known as one of the friendliest people in the world. They will welcome you as a special guest, they will invite you to their house for a dinner without even knowing you, they will tell you stories about their country, the country they love, and they will sing you folklore songs with all the pride in their hearts that they are Bulgarians.

You will hear the traditions in the unique rhythm, melody and harmony of the Bulgarian folk songs and chants; your heart will sense them in the merry and healthy atmosphere of the rites and celebrations.You will recognize them in the everlasting beauty of the handicrafts, finely woven in the ceramic pottery and wood carvings, colorful rugs and hammered copper-ware.You will find them in the exquisite taste of Bulgarian cuisine and in the fine fragrance of the Bulgarian wines. History has predestined  Bulgaria a difficult and dramatic fate. Much has perished, but even more has remained - a rich spiritual world, still living in the colours, rhythms and melodious songs of the living Bulgarian folklore, the unfading beauty of the Bulgarian arts and crafts, the gaiety and vitality of Bulgarian festivals and customs, the piquant taste of  Bulgarian cuisine and the delicate fragrance of Bulgarian wines.

Culture:It is said that Bulgaria is the cradle of the Slav culture .One can easily understand why if he sees the spectacular Thracian treasure , the monumental, but beautiful work of the Greek and Roman cities. For thirteen centuries the Bulgarians  has been creating literature, art and music. Bulgarian culture has given the world men of great achievements, unparallel in history.

In the 9th century the brothers Cyril and Methodius, recognized as he patrons of Europe, upset the trilingual dogma and created the alphabet of the Slav people. During the 14th century John Koukouzel - The Angel-voiced , carried out a reform in Eastern Orthodox church music. Unknown painters created masterpieces which have become part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage.

A Bulgarian song is in the space as a prove of our civilization. Born from the power of traditions , modern Bulgarian culture, too, triumphs in the world. A quatrain of the great Bulgarian poet Hristo Botev has found a place in the Sorbonne, Boris Christoff and a whole host of Bulgarian singers have conquered the world's opera stages, the "Mystery of Bulgarian Voices" has astounded melomaniacs, the paintings of Vladimir Dimitrov-The Master can be seen in exhibitions around the world