If you're a person,who would like to spend his free time walking on the fresh air, among the nature, making picnics by the river, if you are fond of hunting and fishing, and want to buy a Bulgarian property in such an area, then you should direct your search to the south of Burgas - or to the Southern Black Sea Coast and especially the range of Strandja Mountains.
The Strandja Mountains, with its unusual rich flora and fauna, is one of the most suitable places for lovers of nature, hunting and fishing.

From the ancient time, hunting and fishing in Bulgaria are one of the favorite hobbies of the local people. These are favorite activities for a lot of our Russian buyers as well.

Hunting and fishing have become organized activities and were regulated by law in our country in the 19-th century. Wildlife population is under constant surveillance, and hunting season is strictly defined by time .There are a lot of hunting and forestry companies who care to protect the population of big and small wild animals: bears, dears, roe dears, wild pigs, goats, rabbits , pheasants and others.

Strandzha mountain is the lowest mountain range in Bulgaria. It is located on the south-eastern part of the country, starting from Burgas area, spreading to the to the south of the territory of Turkey. Its highest point is Mount Gradishteto - 710 meters above sea level. Strandzha region - with the villages Brashlyan, Pismenovo, Bulgari is particularly popular among Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

For decades, the access to Strandzha Mountain was limited; because of its proximity to the Turkish border. This has contributed to the preservation of nearly all types of the local flora and fauna.The climate of Strandzha region is formed under the influence of the Black and Mediterranean seas - the average annual temperature is 11-13 ° C.

Strandzha is announced by the Bulgarian legislation as a National reserve. Its territory includes the municipalities of Primorsko and Sozopol and the largest rivers in the reserve- Ropotamo,Rezovska and Veleka.

The nature reserve offers opportunities for hunting of wild boar, deer, roe deer and other types.

Strandzha is inhabited by 68% of all the diversity of bird species in Bulgaria. Over Strandzha goes the birds migration route "Via Pontica"

There are four separate zones for hunting In Strandzha mountain: The national reserve Ropotamo , Gramatikovo area, Tunja and Topolovgrad.

Many people who are fond of this kind of activities have purchased apartments and villas in Sinemorets, Ahtopol, Primorsko, Sozopol, Tsarevo, Kiten .

National reserve Ropotamo is located in the municipality of Primorsko, 45 km south of Burgas, on a territory of 20,000 hectares. Near the river, hunting is prohibited, because on its territory live animals and birds, that belong to the protected from Bulgarians Red Book species.

This is the place where you can watch the birds fly over "Via Pontica" route.

Gramatikovo- The hunting area of Gramatikovo is located 30 km away from Tsarevo, near the village Gramatikovo. The main inhabitants here are snipes, red dears, roe dears, wolfs, jackals, wild cats and wild boars.

Tunja-Located in the Strandzha mountain region, along The Tundzha River. This region is good for hunting of jackals, wild boars, foxes, pheasants, dears.

Topolovgrad-This hunting area is located in the valley of the river Tundzha and the Sakar forest. Here it is good for hunting of dears, wild boars, jackals and foxes.

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