Since 2005 many foreign investors are buying properties in Bulgaria. Some of them are buying apartments and houses as a place, where to spend the summer holidays; others are residing in the country permanently. With warm weather and stunning blue flag beaches, as well as, the beautiful countryside, and modern, vibrant cities, Bulgaria has something to offer to everyone.

The popularity of Bulgaria amongst the foreign investors has grown due to several reasons:

Mild climate - not very different from the Mediterranean, with long summers, short mild winters with average temperatures from 5-10 degrees C. The Southern Black Sea Coast is protected from the cold northern winds from the longest mountain range in the country -Stara Planina mountain, stretching across the country from west to east. This mountain sharply divides Bulgaria in Southern and Northern. In Southern Bulgaria rarely snows. In the few ski resorts though, snows stays until the spring, and the average winter temperature does not fall below the pleasant 5-7 degrees below zero.
Sun,Sea and Sand – The Bulgarian Black Coast is 378 kms long.
There are 220 kms of sandy, beautiful and well maintained beaches - clean and comfortable. The mountain range Stara Planina ends in the Black Sea with Cape Emine and divides the Bulgarian coast in two areas - Southern and Northern coast. Each one of them is unique of its kind and very beautiful.

In Bulgaria we have 300 sunny days per year and the average summer temperature of the sea water is 23 degrees on the north, and 26 degrees - on the southern coast.

Access – There are budget scheduled flights to Bulgaria from the majority European and UK cities. They last only 3 hours. The tickets are quite reasonable priced.
Serenity and security –is provided in the tourist season and all year-round by the local authorities. Police monitors and maintain the public order and punishes violators.From May to October- during the summer season, the building work in the big cities and resorts on the coast is prohibited, in order to ensure the pleasant and peaceful holiday of the holiday makers. .
Economic and political stability of the country, the lack of internal conflicts, the fix rate to the eur and the stable exchange rate of the local currency , made Bulgaria a great place not only for recreation , but also for permanent residence and distinguish it brightly from other competitors
Attractive property prices –still the lowest in Europe , as well as the low costs of living makes Bulgaria extremely poplular ,compared to the other European countries

Bulgaria is a member of the EU since 2007.
The religion is Chrstian Orthodox
The Bulgarians are friendly and welcoming people
And, last but not least – the delicious Bulgarian cuisine and excellent local products, available at affordable prices. The taste of the fresh Bulgarian tomatoes, peaches, apples, peppers and grapes picked from the gardens and sold on the local markets remains delicious memories. The Bulgarian cheese, yogurt, fine white and red wines are known and loved all over the world. Many of our customers agree that the Bulgarian products are incomparably delicious compared to those, sold in their home countries.
When buying a property in Bulgaria, you start a fascinating journey, a journey that takes you to a country preserving ancient history, old traditions and culture of worldwide heritage.
Bulgaria – is like a piece of paradise that offers all- beautiful beaches, scenic mountains, blue sea, deep rivers, tranquility and finally harmony between man and nature.
When talking about Bulgaria, one is always thinking about beaches, sun and sea, but Bulgaria is more….
It is a quiet and sunny valley, drowned in the scents of roses, it is a steep hill, whose rocks carved Eternity, it s a quiet green forest, preserving the traditions of the great past history of many cultures, it's a song, flying in the space, it is the smile of the people and the lovely "Dobar Den" (Hello)and "Nazdrave " (Cheers).

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